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FinTech – technological projects in the industry of financial services – are thought to be one of the most promising (and hence demanded) directions for startups, despite the difficulties in state regulations that are frequently faced while working in this direction.

There are two main types of products based on FinTech.

The first one has been well-known in the market for quite a long time, it provides soft and services to financial services, that is using B2B model.

The second one, that has been actively developing lately, is targeted at the final customer, which is B2C market, and is heading to fulfil quite an ambitious goal – to compete with the traditional providers of the financial services in the struggle for mass client.

You could say that FinTech is a revolution in mobile banking. The comprehensive competence of such projects varies from online and mobile applications to trading areas, currency exchange, and personal finance management. Personalized proposals of modern applications, simple and convenient design – financial internet and mobile applications today appear and multiply exponentially and very rapidly. Such tendency of growing popularity of FinTech projects is seen all over the world.



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