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1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

In 2021, more companies and startups will start or continue implementing algorithms of machine learning in their platforms, applications, and devices. New startups will appear, and the investments will follow along with them as well. This means, that there will be an increase in high-quality specialists all around the world that will work on making it possible to open your locked door without the key, but instead, with facial recognition. All the big car manufacturers will start producing completely self-driving vehicles, droids will be flying and taking pictures of you skiing down the hill or cycling, and gigantic marketing machines will know exactly what you need to buy even before you realize it yourself.

2. Data overload

Today even the smallest company understands the importance of collecting data, especially the data of potential or already existing clients. When you analyze the data and can get an image of what has to be done or how to make your client happy with mathematical accuracy, it is not a question of prophecy to tell that this industry will continue to grow in 2018, let alone the great potential of this approach in medical, military, or financial spheres. The day when an application will tell you to check your health before you are in pain, or get a prescription to cure or prevent your disease is just around the corner.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain has already become an absolute trend of 2018 despite the fact that the technologies of blockchain are immature, unproven, and to a large extent unregulated. We can see that a great number of investors, startups, and huge companies are not just interested blockchain, but are officially declaring their desire to invest and work in this direction. Blockchain applications will move from proving concepts to the realities of the contemporary world, especially in the financial sphere and chain management systems. In 2021 we will already witness an increase in traditional industries embracing this technology and restructuring their business models.

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